The function of oil-water separation in diesel filter

The oil-water separator on the diesel engine, because there is water in the diesel oil, the oil-water separator uses the different proportions of oil and water. After passing through the separator, the water is stored below. When the water is stored to a certain amount, the indicator light lights up to alarm.

The oil-water separation filter element is mainly designed for oil-water-liquid separation. It contains two kinds of filter elements, namely: coalescing filter element and separation filter element.
For example, in […]

Inferior diesel fuel filter hazards-China Filter Manufacturer

Diesel fuel filter is one of the important components to ensure the quality of diesel engine oil intake. Function: High-quality Diesel fuel filters can effectively block the dust and moisture entrained in diesel fuel, and can effectively extend the service life of fuel injection pumps, diesel nozzles and other filter elements.
1 Types of diesel engine filters
Diesel engines have four filters for air, oil, fuel, and cooling water, generally called “four filters”. They are respectively responsible for the filtering of […]

The knowledge of oil filter is well learned, and the engine runs without trouble

The oil filter, as its name implies, plays a role in filtering and cleaning. If you just think so, it is far from enough. The quality of the filter is directly related to the power output performance of the engine, the durability of the engine and the fuel consumption rate. The harmful substances (metal abrasive particles, dust, sludge, etc.) produced by the engine during operation will affect the engine. In order to make the oil flow in the lubricating […]

Advantages of spin-on oil filters-China Filter Manufacturer

The oil filter is located in the engine lubrication system. Its upstream is the oil pump, and downstream is the various parts in the engine that need to be lubricated. Its function is to filter the harmful impurities in the oil from the oil pan, and supply the crankshaft, connecting rod, camshaft, supercharger, piston ring and other moving pairs with clean oil, which plays the role of lubrication, cooling and cleaning. Extend the life of these components.
Before the 1980s, […]

Judging the Quality of the Car Filter is a Little Common Sense

All filters have the function of protecting engine parts, cleaning and prolonging the service life of the engine. From the surface of various filters and the length of use of the filters, it is not correct to determine whether the filter is good or bad, and the real determination of the filter The quality of the device should be considered first from the following aspects:
1  Filter Quality
The quality of filter paper is related to filter efficiency. The filter paper […]

The Importance of Truck Air Filter to Engine

Where is the difference between ordinary truck air filter and genuine air filter! The requirements of the engine for the intake air volume and the cleanliness of the intake air are very high! Therefore, the quality of the air filter itself is the most important guarantee!
1 Metal Outer Mesh

On the left is a high-quality air filter, on the right is an ordinary air filter
The metal outer mesh on the left is made of galvanized sheet punching mesh, which is […]

The importance of car filter efficiency to the engine

Whether a vehicle can be used for years often depends on its key part – the engine.
Among them, the three filters are particularly important as an important contributor to protecting the engine. The engine is like the “heart” part of the human body, and good filtration is equivalent to the “kidney” part that removes toxins from the body.
During the operation of the diesel engine, due to the impurities deposited in the fuel system and the dust suspended in the […]

The fuel filter is a wearing part and needs to be cleaned and replaced regularly

I believe many people have such a question, how often is the best time to replace the fuel filter? Look at the owner’s manual and say that it only needs to be replaced every 60,000 kilometers, but the Internet suggests that it is best to replace it once every 20,000 kilometers. A very different answer seems to put us in a dilemma again.
Fuel filter, as the name implies, is used to filter impurities in automobile fuel. It is one […]

High performance oil filter-oil filter manufacturers in China

The oil filter is a component installed on the engine to filter the oil. Its function is to remove impurities such as dust, metal particles, carbon deposits and soot particles in the oil, keep the lubricating oil clean and prolong its service life. The oil filter should have the characteristics of strong filtering ability, small flow resistance and long service life.
High-performance filter paper: The oil filter has higher requirements on the filter paper than the air filter, mainly because […]

What is the replacement cycle of various car filters? 5000-10000 km?

Air  Filter
The car engine is the key part of the whole car and is a very precise part, because the engine needs a lot of air and gasoline to participate in the combustion. If there is no air filter or it fails, the suspended impurities in the air will be brought into the cylinder. Affecting the friction between the piston and the cylinder may cause serious cylinder pulling.
Correctly installed air filters can reduce wear on parts such as cylinders, […]